Sarah Thune


Performer, Collaborator, Teacher.

Teaching Philosophy

To provide students with a multi-dimensional exploration of music in terms of technique, analysis, and creative expression. I seek to be a mentor figure for my students, encouraging them to develop an empowering relationship with music that allows them to confidently articulate their musical thoughts and ideas.

As a teacher, I strive to:

Cultivate a positive learning environment that encourages students to question, to discuss, and to be curious;

 Provide students with the best possible instruction in piano technique and musical understanding;

 Provide students with engaging learning opportunities and activities in music theory and history;

 Stress the importance of integrity and character as musicians and impactful members of society;

 Put forth my best effort to inspire and to be a positive role model for my students.


As a teacher, the four criteria to meet are as follows:

Will my teaching educationally enhance my students?

Will my teaching cognitively enhance my students?

Will my teaching emotionally enhance my students?

Will my teaching enhance my students’ creative energies and inspire them further?

Studio Contract

If you or your child are interested in lessons, my studio contract must be taken into consideration:

Lesson Rates:

Weekly lessons are offered in increments of 30, 45, or 60 minutes. Rates are as follows:

30 minutes: $20

45 minutes: $30

60 minutes: $40


Attendance/Missed Lessons:

Students are expected to attend lessons weekly. I will allow one cancelled lesson per month in which payment will be waived. After that, payment for further cancelled lessons will be required (see “Payment” section for details). Cancellations must be made one week in advance, except in the case of sickness or an emergency situation.



Monthly and weekly payment plans are both accepted. If a student pays for a full month but misses a lesson, the waived payment for that lesson will carry on to the next month (For example, if a student taking 30-minute weekly lessons pays $80 for a four-week month of lessons but misses a lesson during that month, they will only owe $60 for the following month. If a student misses two or more lessons for a four-week month, they will still owe $60 for the following month due to missing more than the allowed one lesson). I accept cash, check, and debit/credit card payments.


Books and Materials Fees:

In addition to lesson fees, students will also be responsible for paying for books and materials (i.e. music scores, sheet music, theory/history workbooks, etc).



Lessons will not be held on holidays, and payments will always be waived for lessons that fall on a holiday.


Studio Recitals:

Students who demonstrate consistent hard work and sufficient preparedness will be given the opportunity to play in two studio recitals, one of which is held during the winter holiday season and one that is held during the late spring. Exact dates are TBD.


Practice Expectations/Parental Support:

It is imperative for students to make time to practice every day. Specific daily practice time commitments are dependent on each students’ unique needs, but a minimum of 20 minutes daily is required. A student simply cannot grow and improve as a musician if they are not committed to intentional, focused, and efficient daily practice. In order to meet this requirement, it is also imperative for a student to have adequate parental and familial support – Parents, work in tandem with your child to best create a schedule that doesn’t overburden them and allows them the time and energy to make their daily practice commitment. If a child is overbooked and has no time to practice, they will not improve. If a child has no energy, they will not be intentional, focused, and efficient in their practice. I strive to make music an enjoyable activity for my students – not a chore!